Life isn't over yet.

In 2014, a dream began, right after I realized that every time I wanted to snack on something, there was no healthy option available, I almost felt obligated to eat anything just to fill my stomach, which was not the best option. It was then that sitting on a bench in a park, at noon, where everyone was leaving their jobs, I thought;

“What if I created the perfect snack that you can take with you everywhere, and no matter where you are, it can satisfy your hunger, with all the nutrients and even different flavors for you to choose from?"

At that moment the idea occurred to me and I decided to take action.



Fast forward to 2015, I started baking snacks just for me, taking them with me all the time, I gave some of my friends a try friends, and at that time, I started selling, I had no real product, no inventory, no great cooks to do it, this happened when my close friends tried my products baked. With your help and that of my family, we started the business, starting to make granolas for customers throughout the capital of Colombia, Bogotá.

Then I said to myself,

"I don't just want to bake products, I want to bake my dreams".



2015 was the year of the research, finding the best distributors, bringing together only the best, 100% organic ingredients available on the market.

I discovered a completely new and different world and I was ready to stay there, that's where I decided to go to school pastry, to learn everything I needed to become an expert in the area of my dreams they showed me what I should be there.



 In 2016 I graduated successfully as a

Pastry Chef in Bogotá, Colombia.

Cindy Villalba,

Founder at Bake Dreams.